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Fernando De La Peña Llaca



Aexa's President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Fernando De La Peña has twenty years of successful leadership in technology and engineering companies. A United States citizen, his lifelong passion for space exploration combined with Aexa's leading-edge expertise, plays a key role in his support for NASA. As an undergraduate engineering student, Fernando completed and patented a spacecraft engine propelled by anti-matter, and received additional patents, for example, a space launcher employing magnetic levitation. He received a Discovery Channel Prize in 2010 for his work developing the Mexican Space Agency.

He is the former President of the National Contract Management Association, NCMA Space City Houston chapter at NASA JSC. NCMA is the world’s leading professional resource in the field of contract management. He was elected this year as Chairman of the Johnson Space Center Small Business Council.

He serves on the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership Board of Directors (BAHEP), and, he chairs the Communications Committee of the Johnson Space Center National Management Association. He is also the aerospace liaison of the Clear  lake Chamber of Commerce. He was elected this year as Chief of the Infragard Defense Industrial Base SIG

Sam Boyd



Sam Boyd is the Chief Operating Officer of Aexa Aerospace, LLC. Founded in 2012. Mr. Boyd  has supported NASA spaceflight programs as a company executive, manager, and engineer,  beginning with the first Space Shuttle flight in 1981 through the final flight; and International Space Station design, development, and operations. Before joining Aexa, Mr. Boyd was the President of MEI Technologies, a Houston based small business providing engineering and professional services to NASA programs. He later served as a management consultant to small businesses in the Federal and commercial marketplaces.

Mr. Boyd is a retired Air Force Colonel with 21 years of service to the country as a fighter pilot, engineer, commander, and program manager. He served in Southeast Asia flying 300 combat mission, including 54 over North Vietnam. He was decorated with three Silver Stars, and two Distinguished Flying Crosses.

Karen Gress



Ms. Karen Gress is project manager of Aexa software development. Ms. Gress started her career supporting NASA Johnson Space Center, and over the next 25 years gained experience as an information technology program and project manager across a range of industries. She has managed large information technology support outsourced contracts in the healthcare, pharma, construction, and power generation sectors. Her experience includes software application testing and support, hardware and application server hosting, break fix and refresh of hardware, service desk operations, security, SAN storage administration management of over 1000 servers and 10,000 personal computers across North America. Ms. Gress is an ISO auditor.


Kristen Todd

Kristen Todd


Kristen began working in the Space industry in 2006 with Oceaneering at the Neutral Buoyancy lab and has since worked on numerous projects in the training program and previously with bioastronautics. Currently, she works for Aexa Aerospace, LLC as a consultant and Business Development Specialist. She assists with the HoloWizard development process and in coordinating Aexa’s NASA project integration with the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Opertions (NEEMO) project as the principal investigator for HoloWizard product testing and demonstration.

Nathan Ream



Nathan Ream Is a Lead software developer at Aexa Aerospace. He has been working as developer and consultant since 2012 for the entertainment, resort, and space industries. Nathan is Scrum certified by the Scrum Alliance and helped set the standard practices of software development at Aexa. He is also a full stack web developer. Nathan leverages his background in game development to build the HoloWizard to be fast, functional, and easy to work with.