Holographic Teleportation


Inspired by Star Wars

Holographic teleportation is an augmented reality (AR) training application. Users receive three-dimensional instruction from someone off-site whose image is projected through the lens via a hologram. For example, the application can allow an engineer to simulate a “walk” through a space station or for a doctor to “appear” in a patient’s home.

Aexa’s holographic teleportation session
There are three levels in communications. Level 1 is voice; level 2 is two-dimensional video; level 3 is holographic teleportation.
The holographic teleportation kit is portable. It fits in a backpack, and it works with low bandwidth (~5Mbps). The communication is highly encrypted.
This demonstration focuses on the utility of holographic teleportation to remotely administer part of a stroke exam and to coach the proper technique for physical therapy.
A cameo from Star Trek Holographic Doctor and Aexa’s Holographic Teleportation Device