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HoloWizard enables users to perform immersive training solo, with an instructor, and remotely. HoloWizard incorporates innovative capabilities that promote efficiency and safety in large complex endeavors.

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How Holowizard Helps You

Holowizard is built with features designed to improve training effectiveness. Learn how Our Features can improve your effectiveness while keeping costs low.

Holowizard is built to improve processes, increase knowledge retention, and lower cost of training. HoloWizard can be used in a variety of industries where training is performed. Below are a few of the industries we work closely with, and examples of the improvements that holowizard can bring to companies in those fields.


HoloWizard was developed with heavy collaboration and feedback from members in the aerospace industry. The HoloWizard application trains users on performing procedures on racks and payloads from the International Space Station.


Due to the complex nature of equipment used in the energy industry, remote support and efficient on site training can greatly reduce cost and time delays. Holowizard has been designed and built with features tailored to train and support remote locations. Using the ARMentor feature you can resolve onsite issues without the cost and time of sending experts on site or traditional phone calls. Self led training of interactive holograms can be conducted even when internet access is limited.


With HoloWizard doctors can view highly detailed anatomical models as reference materials to prepare for, or even during a medical procedure. By creating custom scenarios, you can share procedures and view them together.

Holowizard has also been used to train emergency personnel during medical scenarios using the ARMentor feature. ARMentor allows a well-trained specialist to call an AR user on site and resolve a medical emergency.

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HoloWizard is available on the HoloLens and the Desktop, with a Vive and oculus version in development.

HoloWizard requires connection to a server in order to verify files and users. This server can be deployed on your local servers if needed. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a private holowizard server.

Currently we support PDF, JPG, PNG, OBJ, and most FBX formats. We are always working on expanding the list of supported files.

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