HoloWizard Overview

What HoloWizard Can Do

Get the most out of your training with HoloWizard. Using our immersive AR/VR software your whole team can train together on realistic 3D hardware from anywhere in the world. Lower training costs by cutting out the need for transporting trainees/trainers and cut costs on building hardware mockups.

HoloWizard will also support you in the field. Now you can provide real-time support from anywhere using ARMentor®. Your Experts can call someone on site and lead them through operations with a first person POV. Or if connectivity is limited you can go through self-lead study or review.


Procedure and Training Development

Build custom training scenarios and tie them to your training environment. Any user in your organization can recall these scenarios at any time to maintain consistent training conditions for users.



Call other HoloWizard users to perform multi-user training. Connect from the same location, or from across the world. With shared holograms you can easily reference the hardware during your training sessions.



ARMentor® allows you to perform real-time operations support. Call someone on location using Holowizard and you can stream their view. Lead them through performing operations or reviewing training. Place 3D markers in their environment to point out the next steps to perform or mark areas to look out for.


User Uploaded Content

Upload your own PDFs, images, or 3D models to the server. Use this custom content to construct training scenarios for users in your organization to download and train in. Supported filetypes are PDF, JPG, PNG, OBJ, FBX, with more to come.


Hardware Overlay

Display holographic content on real world hardware. For self-lead study this holographic content can run you through performing operations on that hardware.

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