Aexa Holowizard Software

Our proprietary software includes the following features:


  • Hologram Interaction (static and dynamic)
  • Custom Scenarios which combine procedures and supplemental information
  • Telementoring
  • Shared Experience (Multi-User from multiple locations)
  • Intuitive Procedures using Hardware Overlays
  • Multi-language
  • Training and Competency Records (including video recording tasks)
  • Multi-Devices (HoloLens, Magic Leap, HTC Vive, Oculus, tablets, desktop computers)
  • Confidential: Can operate directly from your servers

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Training Consultation

Our team has years of technical training experience that we will use to create efficiencies and enhance retention rates.  Aexa will partner with you to audit your legacy training and optimize it using available technologies to streamline and create efficiencies.  Our services can include the following:

Comprehensive evaluation of training needs and current methods

Efficient objective to lesson alignment

Streamlined curriculum and course development

Design and execution of complex simulations 

Generation of intuitive operational procedures to minimize training for complex tasks

Simplified training execution by employing available technologies

Real-Time Operational Support

Our real time operational support software and procedures allow:
Engineers to visualize problems in 3D space

Access to your remote expert to guide the operator to successful completion of task

Visual, audio and holographic interaction between operator and expert including access to 3D library populated with relevant documents, images and models. 

LUCY is a NASA Program. Aexa is working under a contract with Lockheed Martin, the prime contractor for the spacecraft.

 Resin Printers

  • Form 2 Laser SLA (Build Volume: 145×145×175mm)
  • Peopoly Maoi Laser SLA (Build Volume: 130x130x180 mm)

FDM printers 

  • Delta style (Build Volume: 300x375 mm)
  • Cartesian style (Build volume: up to 300x300x400)
  • Nozzle sizes are primarily .2 and .4 mm.

Other Fabrication Tech

  • Wide format Professional Photo Quality inkjet filled with Dye Sublimation ink
  • Dye Sublimation heat press
  • Milling CNCs with capabilities up to 12”x18” 

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Holowizard 2.0