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International Air and Space Program

The International Air and Space Program (IASP) is an educational program that drives the leaders of tomorrow in the STEM areas. This program takes place in NASA facilities. Aexa is dedicated to offering a real world experience, bringing students to the world of STEM through Spatial Engineering, Aeronautics, and science.

IASP STEM x Girls 2019

The IASP Stem x Girls 2019 is a program that takes place in the facilities of the Kennedy space Center. Young women will live several activities of the training of astronauts and compete for the opportunity to send an experiment to space.


We offer a variety of activities to allow students to experience a week like a NASA astronaut!

  • Work in the Mars mission operations center
  • Experience the engineering and robotics laboratory
  • Learn about botany in NASA’s nursery
  • Train in the spacewalk simulator
  • Visit the mission launch control center
  • Train in Mars exploration simulators
  • Tour the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex


For 1 week the students will learn and solve problems related to the mission. To develop these solutions, participants will have access to real documents used in previous NASA missions such as the mission to the moon, the robotic mission to Mars, or the Orion mission.

Students will be integrated into teams from all the schools and countries attending with the objective of developing a mission. Each team will have an appointed mentor to help lead them.

The teams will work together in the development of different tasks, with the aim of generating the best project proposal for the development of the mission, just as the projects of the aerospace industry are developed in real life.


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