STEM Programs

International Medical Innovation and Research Program

There is only one place in the world where health is advanced daily like it is at the world-renowned Texas Medical Center. The International Medical Innovation and Research Program will provide you access and interaction with medical leaders. Participants will learn about cutting-edge treatments and technologies, and what they hold for the future.

Explore the Real World of Medicine

Gain real-world medical career experience at a variety of sessions including cutting edge diagnostics technologies, real-life simulated surgical procedures, hand-on procedures, true-to-life simulations and discussions with medical experts.

Methodist Hospital Research Institute

Participants will interact with multi-million-dollar equipment at the Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education (MITIE). This innovative Virtual hospital and hands-on clinic training facility is for health care professionals seeking to maintain excellent procedural skills and acquire new provinces.

Baylor College of Medicine School of Allied Health Sciences

Tour the Orthotics and Prosthetics Program lab at Baylor College of Medicine School of Allied Health Sciences. Get fitted with futuristic-looking all carbon-fiber ankle/foot orthoses and practice controlling a prosthetic arm. See the team of experts working on a complete casting for a custom device in real-time.

UT Health Science Center – Houston

Tour the Medical School (including training labs, cadaver labs, etc) and immerse yourself in the life of a medical student as they check your group’s vital signs, suture a wound, work on a life-like mannequin or observe medical science technologies. Get tips on applying for medical school from a faculty member at the UT Health Science Center.

MD Anderson School of Health Professions

Tour the School of Health Professions. Learn about an exciting career in radiology, view the radiologist science lab, and learn about diagnostic imaging while viewing human tumors.

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